Course details

Rust in Blockchain

The course will offer participants an introduction to blockchain technology with applications written in Rust. We will use Substrate as a foundation for simulating a network and writing smart contracts.

The notions covered in this course are:
  1. Introduction to Blockchain
    1. How blockchain technology works
    2. Proof of work/stake/position
    3. Network examples
  2. Start your own network
    1. Introduction to Substrate
    2. Running the first node
    3. Customizing your node
  3. Deploy your own smart contracts
    1. Introduction to smart contracts
    2. Write a smart contract
  4. Issue the IPW network and coin
  5. Project

The programming languages used will be C and Rust.

What do I need to know to attend this course?
  • C Language Programming – necessary
  • OOP knowledge in C++, Python, Kotlin or Java
  • Basic networking knowledge

IP Workshop

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