Summer School

What is IP Workshop?

IP Workshop is an IT & entrepreneurship summer school where professors from Europe and US teach IT and business concepts, guiding students through the process of prototyping a product. The event is organized by the IP Workshop Association, in partnership with Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Who can attend?

The IP Workshop Summer School is designed for high-school* and university students who are passionate about technology and/or entrepreneurship. While the majority of the participants are Romanian students, the event is open for students all around the world. 

*Students who are under 16 and are not accompanied by an adult, cannot be accommodated in the campus.

When is the event?

Each year, the event takes place around the beginning of August. IP Workshop 2024 will take place between 11-18 August.

Where is the event?

IP Workshop 2024 will take place at the Sapientia University in Târgu-Mureș. The campus consists of the main university building, housing building and cafeteria. Courses will take place in university’s classes and participants will be accommodated in the housing. You can find more information about the housing on the event accommodation page.

IP Workshop

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What we do

Participants will attend one of the available courses for one whole week.

During this week they will attend hands-on classes to acquire technical or business skills. We will also organize technical and entrepreneurship workshops held by industry partners.

Besides learning, each evening we organize fun activities (Just Dance party, LAN party, super engineering competitions, sports competitions, etc.) and we also get to visit the surroundings in the two field trips we organize.

Check out this year’s schedule and find out more!

Super Bowl

Band Impersonation Party

LAN Party

Road trips

Just Dance party

Activity night

Super Engineering Competition

What courses?

The courses you can choose from are intended to introduce state of the art technologies. From web technologies, to Internet of Things and 3D printing, we are struggling to cover all fields of interest in the IT area. Each participant can choose to attend one of the available courses.

3D Printing

Learn all about 3D printers and print your dream models with Prusa.

Modern Web Applications

Learn Node.js and Vue to build electron web Applications.

Internet of Things

Build home monitoring and smart plant systems using the latest IoT technologies.

Rust for Desktop Applications

Use Rust and Slint for building portable desktop applications.

Rust in Embedded Systems

Build secure embedded applications using the Rust programming language.

Enrollment fee

How much?

The attendance cost varies between 1000-1400 RON based on the enrollment date. The sooner you enroll, the lower the price. The tax covers the courses attendance, accommodation, meals, two field trips and transport to/from bus/train station.

Participants who do not wish to be accommodated on the university’s premises will pay a lower tax. You can find more information on the enrollment page.

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IP Workshop

Enroll now to secure your spot and take advantage of the lower register fee!