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Internet of Things

At the Internet of Things stream, you will learn to build IoT platforms such as home automation systems, intelligent water dispensers or self-watering plants.

You will work with the workshop kit in order to obtain complete IoT systems.


Workshop kit

Each participant will receive a workshop kit that they will use during the courses. Each kit consists of flashcards and the hardware necessary to follow the workshop and complete the tasks. 

The hardware consists of a Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266.


The notions covered in this course are:
  1. Basic electronics concepts
  2. GPIO control
    1. Control LEDs
    2. Read data from buttons
  3. ADC and PWM
    1. Control LED intensity and RGB LEDs
    2. Read data from sensors
  4. Complex peripherals
    1. SPI-based peripherals
    2. I2C-based peripherals
  5. Services
    1. MQTT
    2. HTTP

The programming languages used will be C/C++ and Python.


What do I need to know to attend this course?
  • Programming basics – necessary

IP Workshop

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