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Everyone knows that a cool technical demo is sometimes not enough. At IP Workshop, you’ll learn to build the coolest demo and add that something else your project needs to impress a competition’s jury, an investor or your colleagues. After applying your tech skills on your product, you will learn how to manage your tasks in a team, how to negotiate in order to get money for your startup and how to present your project to impress a whole crowd! Join us for the coolest online summer school where you will build your product from scratch and learn how to sell it to others.


Planning ahead your technical project

If you thought the hardest part was picking the best idea for your start-up, here comes the project management of building the product! Assigning the right roles, figuring out the main stages of development, breaking them into smaller tasks is just a small part of a well thought process of time management. In this workshop you will have the possibility of planning ahead every task and part of your project, so that your time spent on it is exploited to the fullest.


How to get money for your start-up?

You have built the minimum viable product (mvp) and you have a cool technical demonstration. You’re about to be face to face with an investor. How do you negotiate with them? What is the terminology you have to be ready with? How do you make the most of this opportunity? This workshop will prepare you for these questions and will teach you what equity, dividends, board members, return of investment and other terms mean. This activity comes with a fun game where we will simulate a negotiation and we’ll find out who is debate material


Delivering a killer pitch presentation

Whether you’re preparing to pitch for your colleagues or an important investor, you have to be prepared with the best presentation version you got. In this workshop you will learn what is the structure of a pitch, how to write the best lines and how slides impact your presentation. From colors and pictures to text and tone, we will get you ready to deliver that killer presentation, no matter the context!

IP Workshop

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