Smartwatch App Development Using Fitbit

Technology allows us to build devices that are smaller, smarter and also integrated into a greater ecosystem. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are more popular than ever so get ready for the future and start developing apps for them.

During this course, you will learn two important languages that are extremely used in the web development environment: Javascript and Typescript.

The course is structured in two parts.

In the first part, you will gain an advanced understanding of the core mechanics of the JavaScript language. This course deep dives into scope, closure, object-oriented, and asynchronous programming in JavaScript and Typescript.

Course content (subject to future changes)

  1. Introduction
  2. Variable scope
  3. Working with functions
  4. Objects and Prototypes
  5. Concurrency
  6. Typescript

In the second part, to test your knowledge, you will use Fitbit Developer Platform to develop cool watchfaces and powerful applications. You will have the chance to test them using Fitbit’s latest smartwatches: Ionic and Versa.

Learn how to tackle important challenges that a wearable application developer encounters on a daily basis:

  1. How to interact with different sensors efficiently?
  2. How to synchronize data between the smartwatch and other modules (mobile app, web server, 3rd party API, etc.)?
  3. How to build a friendly user interface and offer an intuitive user experience?


  • you need to understand the basic concepts of programming
  • you have to know at least one programming language
  • general software engineering knowledge