Every participant has to bring on him the following items:

  • Identity card
  • Student card
  • Epidemiological approval – it attests the absence or presence of contamination with a contagious disease caused by microbes, fungi or parasites. You can get it from the General Practitioner (family doctor).
  • Statement with the guardians’ consent that you can take part in the summer school, signed by at least one of them – for students that are under 18 and attend the summer school unaccompanied by an adultDeclarațieminori2016
  • The contract between you and IP Workshop, signed by at least one of the guardians – in 3 pieces (for students that are under 18 and attend the summer school unaccompanied by an adult Contract2016
  • Sports equipment
  • Boardgames(optional)
  • Bathing suit(only for students over 18)
  • Laptop(if you own one)


Below, you can also read the rules of conduct you need to follow during the summer school:

Rules of conduct

1. Every summer school participant has to pay the participation fee. The fee does not include the cost of the trip to Tîrgu Mureș. The participation fee is not refundable.

2. All underage attendees have to be accompanied by a guardian or a teacher. Underage participants that cannot be accompanied by an adult, please contact us at [email protected] .

3. All participants are obliged to follow the rules and guidelines teachers and organizers request during the activities.

4. The IP Workshop organization obeys the laws regarding alcohol and drug consumption. Participants are not allowed to posses and consume any substances such as alcohol, drugs etc.

5. Participants have to attend all the scheduled activities.

6. Participants are not allowed to leave the university’s premises unattended or without an organizer’s permission.

7. Participants will not endanger other participant’s possessions. Should a participant destroy or lose another participant’s possession while on the university’s premises, he/she will be held responsible for the damage.

8. Participants are obliged to keep clean the rooms and other frequented spaces.

9. Participants have to follow the guidelines organizers impose, regarding the individual or groups’ safety and security.

10. Violence or threats of violence result in being expelled, without any possibility of a refund.

11. Participants are obliged to have on them an epidemiological approval, from the general practitioner (family doctor).

12. Before attending the event, all participants have to send a copy of the epidemiological approval and the payment proof at [email protected]

Organizers reserve the right to take measures regarding the enforcement of the regulation and they can expel participants should the individual or group’s security be endangered.