Business Analytics

Have you wondered what might turn a science project into a real product? Do you wonder what key factors turn a rough idea into the basis for a business?  Do you wonder how your idea might be evaluated by investors?  Do you want to learn how senior managers in large corporations pick their next new product development projects?

In this course, you will learn four hands-on tools used to evaluate the business potential of raw ideas at their earliest concept stages. These same tools help shape and improve ideas by finding where critical information is missing, identifying the weakest aspects of an idea, prioritizing where market and technical validation is most needed, highlighting the largest risks of an idea, and planning the best commercialization pathway forward.

The focus of this course is to give you an understanding on how an idea can be turned into a business and how to market your business.

One of the most important aspects of every business is knowing how to gather data about your customers, but after you do, that data is useless unless you know how to read it. Together we will learn how to identify your business’ identity, your client’s profile and how to reach the right kind of customers for your product. We will learn how to create and optimize a marketing strategy, creating ads using Google AdWords and evaluating the performance of your Business using Google Analytics. We will also learn how to structure your website so that the information the visitors receive is the one you want to send.

Attendees will leave the program with these tools:

  1. Innovation Creed: Reasons to Innovate and Types of Entrepreneurs
  2. Idea Filter: Critical factors to assess, their relative importance, and how to measure a “good” idea.
  3. Idea Diagnostics Matrix: Common problems that ideas face, and what to do about them.
  4. Renditions Table:  Considering and prioritizing the hundreds of possible product and market iterations.
  5. Google AdWords and Google Analytics: Help you track user behavior and create ads.