Business Analytics

One of the most important aspects of every business is knowing how to gather data about your customers, but after you do, that data is useless unless you know how to read it. Together we will learn how to identify your business’ identity, your client’s profile and how to reach the right kind of customers for your product. We will learn how to create and optimize a marketing strategy, creating ads using Google AdWords and evaluating the performance of your Business using Google Analytics. We will also learn how to structure your website so that the information the visitors receive is the one you want to send.

The course will be divided into three stages


  • Identify your business identity
  • Identify your customer
  • Identify your product

Measuring (Google AdWords)

  • Audience Analysis
  • Traffic sources
  • User Behavior

Promoting and Optimizing (Google AdWords and Google Analytics)

  • Create ads
  • Analyze and optimize ad performance
  • Conversions